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Why are you writing stories behind their back but right in front of them?

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Before you get offended, I'm not dissing on anyone. I'm making up a series of stories about the people I see in the coffee shop. Be honest. You do this all the time. We see a person and think we know who they are by how they are dressed, how they fidget, what drink they order, how they pay (admit it, you're a little more interested when a ???). I'm just taking it a step further. They won't know. You'll be entertained. And I'll be building my writing platform. Let's do won't hurt.

Soooo.....obviously this isn't. me. But imagine a person feeling this happy writing a story about a total stranger while drinking a coffee-inspired dessert. I hope I don't crack that smile when writing. It's a little maniacal.

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