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Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Welcome to my blog where I make-up stories about random people, from random coffee shops, behind their backs, but right in front of them.

Before you get all weirded out by the concept, I'm not offending anyone. That being said, if you are an easily offended person, then you don't belong here. Its going to be so raw that if you're too serious you'll catch salmonella. Also, I can assure you that if you already have the pleasure of knowing me, you will wince and question everything. Every glance, every conversation, every interaction we've had will roll around in your mind and you'll feel duped. If you don't know me, hang on. That's a good thing, because then you can zero in on the stories without bias. This blog is merely my bizarre way to showcase my writing. The characters are fictional. The authors' voices are not mine.

Here's the deal. This blog is a series of stories about the people I see in coffee shops. The beautiful. The bewildered. The all-important business man and the struggling writer. The beanie-hatted, rainbow pinned, LV bag carrying, and ear-plugged eccentrics. Everytime I'm sippin' ma latte with computer keys bouncing under my finger tips, I'll be enhancing a stranger's lives with a richness and abundance that unfortunately for them they will never know about.

Be honest. You do this, too. We see a person and think we know who they are by how they dress, how they fidget, what drink they order, how they stare over the shoulder of the person they're dining with... I'm just taking it a step further and writing fake stories about them and placing them on the internet for all to read.

I've been told to write what you know. Instead, I'm going to write about what I like. I believe everyone deserves a storied life. And I love to write quick, quippy stories inspired by a stranger that waltzes into my life for mere seconds. So why not use this odd quirk as an opportunity to color outside of the lines, to showcase my writing, character development skills, and storytelling prowess? I mean, they won't know. You'll be entertained. And I'll be building my writing platform. And since I don't exactly make many friends on this somewhat creepy endeavor, you my curious reader, are all I got.

I won't hurt.


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